More about INO

More about INO

Getting back to the INO, the intention was to plant the initiation vibration of the Nath and Kaula currents in new soil and western sociological conditions. INO Naths are not required or even encouraged to be “Hindu” in any way. Nor are they required to renounce anything as a prerequisite for initiation. At the same time, someone who is a “Hindu” would still be eligible for possible initiation, as would someone who had renounced the world or something else they thought important.

To be considered for initiation into the INO, one must establish a relationship with a qualified initiate of the INO. The Nath and the individual seeking initiation must then determine if the involvement will be progressive or no. If things look positive, then the date is set and arrangements made, etc. This process is sometimes a slow one drawn out over years, though it doesn’t have to be so.

In the early days of the INO, initiation was given easily to anyone interested. This presented a number of problems. I would say the chief drawback to sharing the initiation easily, was the regrettable tendency of some new “Naths” to proclaim all manner of odd ideas about the “sect” while having no experience, understanding or attainment. Since these people had been “initiated” and had “Nath” names, it became troublesome to figure out who was who and what was what.

As a way around the “initiation” problem, people often come to Seattle and receive transmission which is freely given. This is sometimes arranged “long distance” also, but the factors to cause this effort need to be compelling.

I encourage people to use mantra and even engage in puja or suitable ritual. The best spiritual tool or discipline is the one which moves the soul toward its next stage of development. This varies from person to person.

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